The form can be used as an Addendum or Amendment. An Addendum is the proper form to be used when adding additional terms and conditions of a contract. If you’re using the Las Vegas REALTORS (formerly, GLVAR) Residential Purchase Agreement (“RPA”) refer to paragraph #27: Addendum(s) Attached: Coronavirus Addendum

Item #1 on form: determine how many days to postpone (escrow) . Item #2 on form: determine if applicable, if so, check the box. *Item #3 on form: This is to be used later as an Amendment if the parties are cancelling the contract per the Coronavirus Addendum/Amendment form. (Note: If the parties are cancelling the contract for another reason use your company cancellation of escrow/rescission form or standard addendum or amendment). Item #4 on form: I would add a definition of the word “Days” as used in Item #1. Write in: Days means a calendar day from midnight to midnight unless otherwise specified. Item #4 on form: This area can be used for any other term or condition related to COVID-19.

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