Steven Kitnick Seminars Webinar Course Catalog

Agency, Broker Management, Contracts, Ethics, General, Law & Legislation


Buyer Agency in New Home Sales
CE.4144000-RE 3 Hrs. Agency or “Elective” CE Credits
What is the role, relationship, and benefit of a buyer’s agent in the sale of a new home?  Are you more than just the “procuring cause”?  Are you fulfilling the Duties Owed by a Nevada Real Estate Licensee or are you a simply a referring agent?
CE.5714000-RE 3 Hrs. Agency or “Elective” CE Credits
Learn to identify the why, when, who, how, and what of disclosures.  A discussion of general and specific disclosure requirements concerning agency, the transaction, and the property.
Fiduciary Duties in Nevada
CE.4163000-RE 3 Hrs. Agency or “Elective” CE Credits
An examination of Nevada laws and regulations, applicable federal statutes and regulations, and case law that govern the licensee and the real estate transaction.  This course is an adaptation of Chapter II of the Nevada Law & Reference Guide:  A Legal Resource Guide for Nevada Real Estate Licensees 4th Ed.  (Permission granted by the Education Section of the Nevada Real Estate Division).


Procuring Cause (NAR Ethics Training Requirement)

CE.6089000-RE 3 Hrs. Ethics

Fulfills the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training Requirement (deadline 12/31/2021


Ethics of the Profession (NAR Ethics Training Requirement)

Ethics of the Profession CE.6088000-RE 3 Hrs. Ethics
Fulfills NAR Ethics Training Requirement (Deadline 12/31/2021)

This course will enable licensees to know and understand the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics with an emphasis on Articles 1 & 3; the importance of The Code of Ethics and what is expected of a REALTOR®. It will also include an interactive discussion of scenarios and case studies. This course fulfills the Biennial National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training Requirement.

Commission Hearings: Case Studies X BROKER MANAGEMENT

CE.6371000-RE 3 Hrs. Broker Management

An interactive study of cases put before the Nevada Real Estate Commission for disciplinary action, as well as cases resolved administratively by the NRED that did not require a formal hearing.  The case study method is used as a means to learn pertinent laws and regulations, and “the ethics of the profession,” in order to identify and eliminate practices that harms the public.

You do not have to be a broker or broker-salesperson to take a broker management course.  Salespersons may take a broker management course for “Elective” CE Credits. 

Nevada Real Estate Brokerage - BROKER MANAGEMENT

CE.3594001-RE 3 Hrs. Broker Management or “Elective” CE Credits
This is class will increase the licensee’s knowledge and understanding of Nevada laws and regulations governing the responsibilities of brokers and all licensees; considerations in determining licensee misconduct; ground for disciplinary actions; the regulation of practices; record keeping and inspections.

Note:  This class does not cover how to open and operate a brokerage. 

You do not have to be a broker or broker-salesperson to take a broker management course.  Salespersons may take a broker management course for “Elective” CE Credits.


Avoiding Earnest Money Deposit Disputes
CE.4145000-RE 3 Hrs. Contracts or “Elective” CE Credits
Explore the danger mines which often leads to disputes through an analysis of the many specified areas of The Residential Purchase Agreement.  An emphasis on the risk to “EMD” as well as potential liability to licensees.  Learn how to avoid and resolve disputes.


Avoiding Fixtures & Personal Property Disputes

CE.4341000-RE 3 Hrs. Contracts or “Elective” CE Credits
Why are there misunderstandings?  Learn to reduce the possibility of contract disputes over fixtures and personal property.  An examination of the listing agreement, Seller’s Real Property Disclosure, and the Purchase Agreement as it pertains to fixtures and personal property.  Also included:  a discussion of “The Law of Fixtures,” “The MARIA Test,” and “Horror Stories.”  Learn how to avoid and resolve disputes.

The Residential Purchase Agreement

CE.5602000-RE 3 Hrs. Contracts or “Elective” CE Credits
This class is the “bread and butter” of the business!  You can never learn too much about contracts!  Learn how to prepare and structure your contracts to increase the likelihood of an accepted offer, reduce
the likelihood of any misunderstandings, enable you to close more escrows, and reduce liability to all parties.  An analysis of  portion of the Residential Purchase Agreement. 


Nevada Law & Legislation

CE.6436000-RE 3 Hrs. Law & Legislation

Selected relevant laws affecting real estate passed during the 2019 Legislative Session.  Also included are pertinent
Informational Bulletins, Advisory Opinions, & Position Statements.





The Bewildering World of Preliminary Title Reports
CE.4241000-RE 3 Hrs. General CE Credits
Learn how to scrutinize one of the most important & least riveting documents in a real estate transaction.   Learn to recognize the difference between “run-of-the-mill” and significant items on a “prelim” that may affect property ownership rights, the use of the property, as well as the ability to convey “marketable title.”
What Every Real Estate Agent Need to Know About Mortgage Financing
CE.4238002-RE 3 Hrs. General CE Credits
This class was designed to provide real estate licensees with a sufficient understanding about mortgage financing (Conventional, FHA, & VA).  Licensees must be able to answer certain questions posed by clients and customers.  Learn to avoid the most common pitfalls that either jeopardize or cause the failure of a real estate transaction.  Also included will be a discussion on how to prepare a contract with a financing and/or appraisal contingency in light of the NEW Residential Purchase Agreement.