Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide real estate licensees with quality education presented in an informative and entertaining way.

We endeavor to present each class in a lively manner and encourage class participation, to facilitate a highly interactive and collegial classroom environment.

We strive to emphasize the practical, real-life applications that are highlighted in our course materials and shared through the experiences of our instructors and students.

We aim to assist in the never-ending process of professionalizing the industry and protecting the public from unlawful and unethical practices through education.

Our success can be measured to the extent that we assist licensees in helping their clients and customers make informed decisions; when we help licensees to know, understand, and fulfill their duties to their clients, customers, and to all parties in a real estate transaction.

And, finally, our success is ultimately determined when a licensee has become a trusted advisor of their client and respected by their colleagues and affiliates.