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Nevada Real Estate Continuing Education Self-Paced Distance Learning & Live Videoconferencing via Zoom

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Steven Kitnick Seminars, LLC, is partnered with OnlineEd to provide Self-Paced Distance Learning courses & Live Videoconferencing classes via Zoom.  Individual courses & classes as well as packages are available!

Important NEW Renewal Information
Licenses that expire ON or AFTER October 31st, 2021

36 Hrs. CE Salesperson renewal:
3 Hrs.  Agency
6 Hrs.  Contracts
3 Hrs.  Ethics
3 Hrs.  Nevada Law
3 Hrs.  Risk Reduction
18 Hrs.  Any Designated Areas (“Electives”)

36 Hrs.  Broker & Broker Salesperson renewal:
  3 Hrs.  Agency
  6 Hrs.  Contracts
  3 Hrs.  Ethics
  3 Hrs.  Nevada Law
  3 Hrs.  Risk Reduction
  6 Hrs.  Broker Management
12 Hrs.  Any Designated Areas (“Electives”)

NOTE:   Property Management (9 Hrs.) & Business Broker (3 Hrs.) permit holders must complete the CE required for the renewal of their permit(s).   Those requirements do NOT add to the total 36 Hrs. necessary to renew both license and permit.  

Electives may include additional courses in Agency, Contracts, Ethics, General, Law, Broker Management, Property Management, Business Broker, and Personal Development*.  You do NOT have to be a Broker or Broker Salesperson to take a Broker Management course nor do you have to be a property manager or business broker to take courses in those areas!  

*You are limited to one 3-Hour course in personal development as part of your 36 Hrs. educational requirements.

You can repeat CE classes! 
Effective April 4th, 2016, you can repeat a CE class in a subsequent license renewal. 

Source:  Adopted Regulation of the Real Estate Commission LCB File No. R097-14  ~ Section 16 amending NAC 645.463.

To determine if the course you’re taking is the same one LOOK TO THE FIRST FOUR NUMBERS OF THE CE COURSE
such as CE.4238001-RE and CE.4238002-RE.  It’s the same course!  

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