Frequently Asked Questions

Debunking CE Myths


Frequently Asked Questions

LICENSEE: I took a CE class that had different numbers and was told by the NRED I could not receive credit for it because it was the same class I had already taken during my current license renewal period. I thought if the CE numbers were different it was a different class. Can you explain this?
STEVE:  Don’t feel bad.  This is a widely held and common CE myth. 
Yet, it’s untrue.  To determine whether a CE class is the same class look to the first four numbers!  For example, my course Red Flags & the Duty to Investigate was issued CE.4339001-RE by the NRED.  However, I licensed Larry Perna of Bridge Home Inspections to sponsor the same exact class.  The NRED subsequently issued his course sponsorship a different CE number – CE.4339002-RE. Notice the first four numbers!   It’s the same exact class! 

Here’s another example:  My course Commission Hearings:  Case Studies VII is a rare dual designation course.  It good for either Ethics credit under CE.4342001-RE or Broker Management credit under CE.4342002-RE.  A licensee may take the class for either Ethics or Broker Management CE credit, but not both because according to NAC 645.463(1), “a course may not be taken for credit to meet the requirements for continuing education more than once during a single licensing period.” 

LICENSEE: I’ve heard you say “you can never learn enough about contracts.” I took your course The Residential Purchase Agreement a few months ago and subsequently renewed my license. I’d like to repeat the class particularly since we have a new RPA. Can I repeat your class and still get CE credit for my next renewal?
STEVE:  Yes!  Effective April 4th, 2016, you can now repeat a CE class in a subsequent license renewal!  Before NAC 645.463 was amended, you could not take the same course for credit to meet your continuing education requirements in consecutive renewal periods.
LICENSEE: Do I have to take any “General” CE classes?
STEVE:  NO!  You do not have to take any “General” CE classes.  This is another common CE myth.  All licensees must take at least three hours in the following mandatory (core) course areas: Agency, Contracts, Ethics, and Law & Legislation.  Brokers and Broker/Sales licensees must add an additional core course in Broker Management.  Those licensees who hold a Property Management and/or Business Broker permit must add another mandatory (core) course to their CE educational renewal requirements.  However, the additional mandatory (core) courses do not add to the total 24 hours that are required of all licensees.
LICENSEE: Can I take more than one class in contracts and still get CE credit?
STEVE:  Yes.  You may take additional classes in any of the mandated (core) topic areas as long as it’s not the same exact class (see my answer above).  The only course category which you may only take one 3-hour class for CE credit is Personal Development – which, by the way, is not a mandated (core) topic area. 
LICENSEE: I understand I can take some of my CE requirements online. Which courses do I have to take in a classroom?
STEVE:  There are no restrictions on which courses you have to take in a live classroom.  The only requirement is that you take at least 50% (in other words, at least 12 hours) of your required 24 hours in a live classroom setting.  And, by the way, a “live classroom setting” is currently defined as  a live instructor in the same room as the students. 
Licensee: I was told I can not take a broker management class because I am not a broker. Is that true?
Steve:  No.   If you do not have a broker or broker sales license you can still take a broker management as an “Elective.”  In fact, you could also
choose to take a property management or business broker courses even if you do not have a property management or business broker permit. 


LICENSEE: I have broker license, property management permit, and a business broker permit. Does that mean I have to take more than 24 hours of CE?
Steve:  No.  Since you maintain a property management permit and a business broker permit you are required to take a course in each of those mandated (core) areas, in addition to the mandated (core) courses that every licensee must take (Agency, Contracts, Ethics, and Law & Legislation).  However, your additional required courses do not increase your total requirement  of 24 hours, but rather limits the amount of your “Electives.
LICENSEE: I have to take my mandated (core) courses in a classroom, don't I?
Steve: If  I assume you’re renewing for at least the second time, then No!  The regulation did not specify which courses you must take in a live classroom setting.  However, you must take at least 50% of your CE requirements in a live classroom setting. [Note: First time licensees who were issued an initial 2-year license must take 30 hours of post-licensing modules within the first year of their licensing AND 12 hours of CE in the mandated topics areas (Agency, Contracts, Ethics, and Law & Legislation) anytime within the first two years.  All post-licensing modules and CE requirements must be in a live classroom setting.]