I asked Chief Compliance/Audit Investigator at the Nevada Real Estate Division Jan Holle to offer his opinion on whether a licensee may be paid commission owed to them by either their previous broker or their new broker. I also asked him to comment on brokers who have been difficult to deal with and in the worst cases have refused to pay.

Chief Holle replied, “It’s in statute NRS 645.280. They just need to be paid by their broker. If the transaction is not completed by the time they transfer to a new broker, then they could be paid by the old broker or by the old broker through the new broker. It’s not difficult or complicated.

I understand some brokers may be difficult in paying or refusing to pay, but that’s not an issue the Division has any authority. There’s no requirement in statute or regulation requiring the broker to pay anyone.

Source: March 5th, 2020 E-mail. Permission to Post was granted by Mr. Holle.