I’m am not aware of any specific amount that’s required.  Now, let me provide you with some additional information that I hope will further assist you in the process.  You’ll have to complete “Instructions for Broker License All Broker Applicants” (Form 508) and “Real Estate License Checklist and Application” (Form 549).  Upon broker licensing approval, you’ll then be required to meet the financial requirements. You’ll be asked to submit the “Confidential Financial Statement” (Form 558).  The Financial Statement includes a section entitled “Monthly Costs of Maintaining the Nevada Real Estate Office.”  You’ll need to submit your last three months bank statements to show you have the necessary cash on hand.  The funds must be on deposit at least 90 days before the date of the application.  Another section of the Financial Statement includes your “Liquid Assets:  Bank Information.”  You’ll need to show liquid assets that will enable you to be in business for at least 180 days [see:  NAC 645.150].  Occasionally, the broker can not meet the financial requirements or is not the owner of the company.  In that case, the owner(s) may provide the financial information to support the broker’s Financial Statement. Contact the NRED at (702) 486-4033 (option #1) or email realest@red.nv.gov for further information and to make certain that my understanding of the process is correct.