Duplicate CE Certificates


To avoid the cost and hassle of replacing CE certificates, always proof read your certificate before leaving the classroom.  Always scan your certificate & save it to a file. Keep a “hard copy” too.  We don’t like charging, but we can’t do it for free.  It’s labor intensive requiring research, time, preparing, and sending you the duplicate.  PLEASE NOTE:  You will not receive a refund if we commence our research and find that you did not attend the class.  Thank you for your understanding.


Sorry, but we must charge $12.50 charge to issue a duplicate CE certificate.  Always scan and save a copy of your certificates to avoid having to pay for another one.  We don’t like to charge, but we must.  Note:  99% of the time, licensees find their missing/lost certificate(s) when they find out there’s a charge 🙂

Please provide the following information to expedite the processing of your duplicate certificate:

Name of Class
Date of Class
License Type
License Number

If you are unable to provide the above information, email StevenKitnick@NevadaCE.com


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