Live instruction now includes method(s) of course delivery where the instructor and the students interact in real-time, either at the same physical location (classroom instruction is where the instructor is alive and the student is alive and both instructor and student are in the same classroom together) or through the use of digital technology.
Put another way, live stream video conferencing is now considered to be “live classroom instruction.”  It is not to be confused with online courses.  Online courses are a form of “distance learning.”

Other delivery methods of distance education include:
• Internet: web-based content requiring the use of a computer and network browser. Sponsor provides student with a login to access the course material electronically.
• Correspondence: usually refers to a printed workbook being provided to the student and does not require the use of a PC/laptop or any other digital or electronic equipment.
• CBT or computer-based technology: this refers to written or pre-recorded course content provided on a CD or DVD which may be played back on a computer or DVD-player without the need to go online.• Video: this would include pre-recorded audio/visual instruction to be viewed using conventional VHS/VCR-type equipment. 

Source:  Real Estate Division Course Manual:  A reference guide for real estate education providers on the requirements for education programs and the course application process.

The regulation that you must take at least half of your continuing education requirements in a live classroom setting still applies.  However, digital technology delivery is now considered as live classroom instruction!

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