Advisory Opinions
Generated in response to a petition filed with the Division Administrator. Advisory opinions are intended to provide information concerning the applicability and to clarify potential confusion regarding specific statutory provisions, agency regulations or decisions of the agency.

Informational Bulletins
Published to address operational and technical issues and highlight best practices. These are not declaratory in nature but rather serve a clarifying/educational role in terms of the Division’s expectations concerning the law and regulation. Nevada’s real estate industry takes them to be directional in nature and rely on this clarifying guidance concerning their business practices and educational materials.

Position Statements
Regulatory positions of the Division, Division Administrator, and the Commission. Equivalent in scope and impact to Advisory Opinions. Usually prepared in consultation with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office and serves to clarify the standard that will be enforced. These position statements may encompass any area of law/regulation under the Division’s jurisdiction.

Source:  Nevada Real Estate Division – Administrator 
May 17th, 2021

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