NO!  According to colleague Forrest Barbee, “the broker may hire a qualified person who maintains an active property management permit to either act as broker of the property management activities or appoint
a qualified person as the designated property manager (see:  NRS 645.6055).  To be considered as a qualified person, a licensee must be either a broker or broker salesperson with at least 2 years full time active experience in conducting property management activities within the past 4 years – the experience could have been acquired as a salesperson.  Generally, the broker will hire a broker salesperson with the requisite experience to act as the designated property manager, however, the brokerage could bring on an additional broker with the requisite experience into the company, to either act as the broker for all the property management activities or appoint them as the designated property manager.  Finally, if the broker does not delegate a qualified person to act as the designated property manager, the broker, if qualified, would be required to obtain a property manager permit in order for the brokerage to engage in property management activities.  A similar answer applies to business brokerage (see: NRS 645.867).”

Forrest Barbee is the broker for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services ~ Nevada Properties.  He is also their property management broker and business broker.  If you or anyone you know is interested in obtaining a property management permit, I highly recommend you attend Forrest’s 24-hour Property Management Pre-Licensing Course.  Forrest can be reached at (702) 595-3980.